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When businesses struggle with debt, it is bad for debtors and creditors. Whether you are struggling to keep your business above water or you want to help your debtors make timely payments, an experienced lawyer can help you find a plan that works. At the Honolulu offices of Donald L. Spafford Jr., Attorney at Law, we represent debtors and creditors in chapter 11 commercial bankruptcy proceedings.

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Whether you are a business owner trying to manage your debt or a creditor looking for assurances that you will be paid, we can help. Chapter 11 bankruptcy for businesses and commercial entities is a great way to help companies resolve their financial issues and get the debt relief they need to conduct business successfully.

We encourage all business owners to contact us at the first signs of struggle with debt. A lot of business owners wait too long to get help, and are no longer able to get the relief they deserve through business debt reorganization. Whether your landlord has begun your eviction or you are just worried about the possibility, we can help you relocate or delay your eviction.

We also realize that every business is different, and problems with debt are not always best solved through chapter 11 bankruptcy. We are able to help many of our clients find a workout outside of bankruptcy. By working out extended payment plans and negotiating with your creditors for lower interest rates, we can help your business succeed. But if you wait too late, you may lose these options.

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Many businesses struggle with debt, especially during tough financial times. The best thing you can do to protect your business is take action as soon as possible and explore all your options. From our offices in the Pauahi Tower in Honolulu, we help businesses throughout Hawaii. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.